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(Rex Action Figure) - MTW Toys Disney Pixar Toy Story

Style Name: Rex Action Figure

Figure: tyranosauryus Rex Official and licenced.
Material: PVC.
Measures: 28?cm.
Manufacturer: Toy Story.
Very Good Quality/price ratio:.
About this product: a figure with a very similar and of great quality.
Such a figure of tyranosauryus Rex, one of the characters that we see in the year 2010?in the hit movie Toy Story 3, is dedicated to all fans and nostalgic that remember fondly the big saga of toy story. The figure is of the toy story, a company of the world known to level, which gives us a Rex in an article of quality with 28?cm, with a wonderful articulated moulded and painted, and to which you can remove or put to its long tail. A figure with a great price/quality ratio that will bring many memories and that certainly is still great for the kids to remember to toy story.
The film of toy story and its Continuations have delighted since always to all the children of the house and have enjoyed during a couple of hours of excellent visual effects all well amenizado with a good script. If you need some kind of detail to remember that in our website we offer you a good amount of products of merchandising of toy story that you can make this gift that you're waiting for. You have more than 80?products, all nuevecitos and different. echales at a glance, worth much the.

Dimensions: 32.4 x 25.6 x 20 centimetres (0.78 kg)

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